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Xavier Valdez Releases EP SUN -- AUG 14, 2020

After recording a number of singles as a solo artist, Xavier Valdez releases his debut EP, SUN on August 14th. SUN captures Valdez’s unique sound, which he describes as “hovering somewhere in the land between pop and indie rock”, and explores themes such as doomed relationships (Colorado) and the emotional struggle that ensues (RTS). The EP includes guitar tracks from Lyle Mauricio (MR CALL), and sound mixes from Austin Asvanonda (A Deeper Understanding, The War on Drugs). Xavier Valdez is known for his work as bassist and backup vocals in the Los Angeles, CA band, MR CALL, before going solo in late 2019. His Spring 2020 single release, Animal, received streaming attention in North and South America. SUN is available for streaming on all of your favorite platforms. The video for RTS is out now, and you can follow Xavier Valdez on Youtube, Instagram and Facebook for up-to-date video and song releases.

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